20 March 2008

eschewing chocolate

It's amazing to me that I can eliminate the chocolate snacking during the day and the nightly dessert ritual and make sure I eat enough fruits and veg and whole grains --- and my body responds. The jeans are fitting better, the scale is going down (7lbs from the post-cruise high).

Pilates is a breath of fresh air. I forgot how much I enjoy the concentration and feeling all stretchy and bendy afterward. I even enjoy the abs, oblique, and gluteal soreness the next day. I think the body awareness is helping me maintain my commitment to healthy eating.

I've figured out that I burn about 100 calories give or take on the ride to work (downhill) and about 200 on the way home (uphill, natch). That's not a huge amount, but added to the 30-40 minutes of gym-cardio on M-W and the 60-85 minute walk-jogs on Tu-Fri, it's working.

I haven't done the day-care drop-off routine since last I wrote because the last two Thursdays (my day-care drop-off day), the boy has SLEPT IN. Well, this morning, he woke at 5:30 for a snack, but went right back to sleep when I told him it was too early, too dark for little boys to be up and about. The Mr and I woke at 7:20 and got ready for work, letting the boy sleep. He finally woke at about 7:40 - too late for getting ready + the hour round-trip by bike. There will be other days, with better weather.


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