26 December 2006


Today I:
  • Posted here (twice!)
  • Did three loads of laundry (2 me, 1 baby)
  • Worked out (need to add abs)
  • Walked to and shopped Le Fred for after-xmas stuff
  • Listed maternity stuff on ebay
  • Sterilized a bunch of stuff
  • Ate both breakfast and lunch
  • Pumped twice
  • Filled all my various water pitchers (ok, this is getting ridiculous)

But see how much I can do when the boy SLEEPS for good chunks of time?


weights (both kinds)

Let's see. I'm down to 4 lbs below pre-pregnancy and I'm almost certain it's due to loss of muscle mass. That in mind, I've started a little weight program, with my small collection at home:

  • Squats
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Shoulder db work (lateral, front, shrug)
  • Overhead shoulder
  • Lunges

I started Friday and suffered excruciating butt (glute, hammie, quad) pain all weekend. Skipped yesterday for the holiday and just finished two sets of the above. Looking forward to more excruciating pain tomorrow. Weirdly, no pain in upper body - probably all those baby boy curls I've been doing.

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06 December 2006

3 weeks, 2 pounds

(this is a fitness blog, right?)

I weighed myself yesterday. I'm exactly 2lbs over what I was when this whole pregnancy adventure began. I can't believe it, given how much ice cream I've been eating (although, this will be cut way back now that the acupuncturist has advised me to avoid cold foods - for increased milk production). Probably muscle loss accounts for some of that loss. The scale at home consistently read higher than the one at the gym (where the start weight comes from). The scale at the doctor's (middle of the day, fully clothed) consistently read way higher than the one at the gym (morning, nekkid). The difference between the last reading from the doc's and today's home reading? 35lbs. Yowza! (I successfully avoided breaking my pre-BFL high weight during pregnancy - my goal met!)

No fitness news. I get up. I feed the boy. If I'm lucky, I get a shower before noon. I feed the boy. If I'm lucky, he naps rather than fusses. I feed the boy again. I pump. I do another load of laundry. If I'm lucky, I leave the boy with the man for 1/2 hour and walk down the boulevard, doing errands.

It sounds worse than it is. The boy is beautiful (at least I think so) and usually only fusses when he needs something (food, clean diaper, to be held, to be burped, to jostle the gas). When I look at him, my heart feels like it can't fit inside my chest.

A while back, we bought a weight set from a friend ($60 including a rather fragile-looking bench). I didn't think I'd be using it (given that I have two, no, three gym memberships - the work-sponsored one downtown, the $10/month addition to the Mr's at B@lly's, the punch card at the local grunt-gym, L0prinzi's), but now I'm thinking we should set it up so I can get a few curls and bench presses and squats in, in between feedings.

That's the news at 3 weeks, 3 days. Hope you are enjoying the winter weather (it's gorgeous here - my favorite winter weather: cold, clear, and sunny. Really, I should live in Colorado rather than the Pacific Northwet, huh?)

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