07 September 2008


I don't know when it happened, but I've become a hill climber.

When we were training for that Century (back in '05), I eschewed hills like the plague. But this morning, I realized that I love hooking up the chariot and climbing, climbing, climbing slooooowly up the hill. Maybe I'm addicted to seeing the number on the HRM edging perilously close to my max target rate?

I'm still petrified of the downhills, though.

Speaking of HRM, I'm in the market to replace my old Polar A5 with something new. If anyone is still out there and has an opinion, I'm looking for these features (that the A5 does not have):
  • Polar (to work with the machines at the gym)
  • Store more than one workout - preferably 10+.
  • Ability to see running HR average during a workout.
  • Measure calories burned even if your HR is under 100.
  • Some kind of upload ability.
Do you love your HRM? Why or why not?