07 July 2008

but, seriously

Ok, it's time to get serious.

I can't remember what was going on when last I posted, but here's the current situation:
  • Three weeks ago, the bike trailer got caught on a gate coming down from Mount Tabor and I went down. Fractured my left elbow (also skinned my left knee and bruised my left thigh).
  • I was riding (instead of running) because the heel pain ("not Achilles tendinitis") persists and the PT kicked me out since I wasn't getting any better.
  • No workouts for the last three weeks: no cardio, no Pilates, no strength training. Oh wait, there was that one hike to the top of Black Butte last week.
  • This last week, I have experienced something akin to TMJ (according to the dentist at the family reunion): swollen left cheek and jaw, pain in the joint, recent dental work on that side.
  • Also, this last week: sinusitis gravitating from one side to the other, with accompanying splitting headache.
  • Family reunion/vacation = eat-fest.
I stepped on the scale this morning and discovered that I NOW weigh 19 pounds more than I want to (although I'm hoping that some of that is carbo-bloat from the eat-fest). Nevertheless, I'm afraid to try on any of my clothes. I was wearing my fat shorts and the reunion, feeling huge, and avoiding the camera.

The good news is that on the Black Butte hike, I hit my groove in about a minute and cranked up the mountain (2 miles, uphill), leaving my companions in the (literal) dust. All that stroller-pushing up to Tabor must have done something and I haven't lost ALL of my cardio fitness during this broken arm fiasco.

So, I need to devise a plan of attack for getting this weight off, preferably without further injuring myself.

I can now bend and almost straighten my left arm, so I think I can go back to the elliptical and Pilates. I might be able to push a stroller. I doubt I can ride the bike. So, the current exercise plan is elliptical and Pilates and maybe Tabor walking.

The food plan is to recommit to Body for Life eating.

I will try to post here more often to keep myself honest.

Wish me luck.


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