10 July 2008

back on track

OK. Since last I wrote, I:
  • Got in 35 minutes of elliptical on Tuesday (until the boy decided it was time to escape the childcare area at the gym).
  • Rejoined Pilates and had the first session on Wednesday.
  • Had a great 40-minute Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) session at my regular gym this morning.
  • Did most of my physical therapy exercises (for my heel pain) this morning. (I wasn't sure if I could do plank what with my elbow, but it was fine holding my weight.)
  • Weighed 5.5 pounds less than I did on Monday.
I'm sure the drop on the scale is mostly water weight as the carbo-bloatage reduces. But some is probably from being back on track with eating. No desserts. Good balance of protein and carbs. More salad, fruit and Greek yogurt for breakfast.

I sure do like me my routine.

Tomorrow? Maybe gym-elliptical (if the little dude abides), maybe Tabor walk (if my heel abides), definitely PT exercises. Go plank!


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