04 April 2008


The Mr. has been in Californ-eye-ay, so I've been on boy drop-off and pick-up duty. Since the weather's been fantabulous (up to today, that is), we rode on Wednesday and Thursday. Well, I've been riding, the boy has been in the chariot.

The trip from home to day-care to work takes almost exactly an hour (including chit-chat and chariot disengagement). My HR monitor goes crazy for this ride - it's all uphill to daycare, mostly downhill to work. Then, the reverse: mostly uphill to daycare and then downhill home. The cyclometer says approximately 7.5 miles each way (a little longer on the way home because we take the long way through the park). The HR monitor says I burned 440 calories on the way to work and 540 home.

Not too shabby for two days when I thought I'd get in no exercise whatsoever (aside from Pilates) since I have no time for the gym.