24 October 2006


I miss...
  • wearing jeans
  • drinking wine
  • sleeping on my back
  • sleeping deeply
  • peeing more than a trickle
  • working up a sweat
  • running - or even walking - up stairs without gasping for breath
  • bicycling
  • the ritual of coffee (I lost my taste for coffee 5 months ago and now I can't stand even the smell)
  • Pilates
  • my appetite
  • wearing my Ib3x green wool coat
Today marks week 36. The baby is still breech (I think) but moving around a lot. Last night, there was something pointy sticking out of the middle of my upper stomach - an elbow or a knee. Very strange. Yesterday, my doc left for her China vacation for two weeks, but not before scheduling a C-section ("just in case") for November 14 (39 weeks). So, he's got three weeks to turn-turn-turn. I'm still zen about the whole C-section thing. Everyone I talk to who's had one is very positive about the experience and everyone who's had a natural delivery is all freaked out about the possibility of a C-section (like my MIL).

My mom called to tell me the story of my birth. 5 hours labor, start to finish, no medication, L@maze (in Holland) and I (first baby) came out (8+ lbs) no problem. My brother (three years later, natural childbirth, two weeks early), took 7 hours. My doc thinks this bodes well for me (if the C-section thing doesn't happen).

Some friends threw me a(nother) shower on Saturday (did I mention the surprise shower last month?) People have been so very generous. This baby boy is going to be so well-dressed and warm and outfitted with all the bells and whistles - at least for the first 6 months.

10 October 2006

stuff and nonsense

I've been meaning to post for days. Weeks even. But distractions keep me from it.

Lessee. I'm still here, still pregnant, still working out.

The last few ultrasounds have revealed that the baby is breech - butt down, head and feet up. People keep reassuring me that babies turn at the last minute all the time, but I'm still a little freaked (well, I wasn't until my doctor described the manual turnaround procedure). So, I'm seeing an acupuncturist, doing Moxa treatment, doing handstands in the pool, visualizing turn-turn-turn. Help me out here and visualize this baby turning head down, will ya?

People have a hard time believing I'm 7.5 months pregnant - I think I hide it well with my height, long waist, and baggy clothes (left over from my fat(ter) days). I was at the library a week or so ago, talking to a woman I used to know when I was a volunteer. "When are you due?", she asked. "November 21," I replied. To which she asked "This year?"

A friend threw me a surprise baby shower with the gals from work last week. Complete and total surprise. Amazing fun. I still get teary when I think of it. Another group of friends is throwing me a low-key brunch shower in a couple of weeks. And some friends gave us a bike trailer and breast pump. Two big ticket items on the list that we don't have to worry about. Woo! We're almost set - just need the big stuff - crib and dresser - but the crib can wait.

We had our birthing class. Learned a lot. It both freaked me out and inspired me. I was feeling very zen about the breech baby business and accepting of the possibility of a C@esarean, but now I'm really inspired to do a v@ginal birth. I hope this little guy spins around so we can try.

My pool has been closed the last couple of weeks, so I've been going to a different pool (and regular old water exercise, not prenatal). Different instructors, different students. It's been a nice change of pace, but I'll be glad when my pool reopens on Monday.

We're having most of our upstairs painted (with the super-low-toxic paint, don't worry), so our lives have been in upheaval for weeks. Packing and shuffling so that we can transform one office into a room for the baby. I cannot wait for this project to be finished. Agh.

Work is heating up, so I better get at it.